Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GRIP IT, RIP IT and Click Those Ruby Red Heels.

    So this week I got my first dose of the mid west.  My kid had her USAW Youth Nationals Olympic lifting meet in St Joesph Missouri.  She absolutely killed it.  She went 6 for 6, had a clean and jerk personal record of 83lbs and won the 11 and under 35kilo class.  Her and her coach also went ALL IN and tried to take the overall 13 and under championship but fell short by only one kilo.  She came in second there. Watching her determination and drive while putting up that last clean and jerk was absolutely incredible.  Her undeniable competitive spirit was obvious and that teenage girl she was going head to head with was obviously surprised that she had my 10 year old  right there tied for first until the end.  The vibe in the sports arena was awesome and my kid fought so hard.  I'm still glowing.  That little one has more guts and drive then I could ever wish for.  I'm beyond proud. 

     The location of the meet worked out great and my daughter and I are able to visit with our BFF's all week.  We don't fly back until Wednesday. We missed them so much and this week is FANTASTIC!!  They were relocated to Kansas by the army and they got to come watch her lift.  It was nice to have some familiar faces in the stands.  I also want to thank everyone for their support from afar.  The messages and encouraging comments are much appreciated.  So many of you watched the webcast and it really means the world to us.  It's a lonely place on that platform for a kid with thousands of eyes watching.  Knowing there are a ton watching and wanting her to succeed really is nice.  THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! :)

Here's a video of her at her meet. :) 

Monday: heavy heavy legs: press, hack, ham curls, leg ext, squats. Then off to CrossFit for some strict pull ups( band) and arms( 4 rds of four exercises,barbell curls, hammers, dips, overhead tri extensions 1 min rest....HEAVY) plus 170 Burpees.

Tuesday: @Anderson Creek CF 7rds 2min max effort row 1 min of kettlebell or slam balls 20# 21min total... I was smoked! 

Wednesday: shoulders 4 rds of 4, 25 rep sets using cables and behind the neck snatch PP.  Then 4 rounds of Arnie presses, hang snatches and sumo DL high pulls. Then my 6 min plank shoulder routine. 

Thursday and Friday: travels to Missouri for my kids Oly meet.  

Friday: more travels to the land of OZ to stay at my BFF's for a few days. So happy. Bringon the fried Oreos and turkey legs at the famous Country Stampede! 

Saturday: short and easy back workout and some planking with Buttercup. 

Great recipe and hit this week and my friends house:  my thyme and garlic sweet potato chips: oven @ 425 slice potatoes thin, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with thyme, s&p, and garlic powder. Let them turn a nice golden brown. I like mine really brown almost burnt but we all know I'm a weirdo duh!!!!

Once I get home on Thursday I will go through all the nationals pics.  I will make sure to add a few next week.  There are some great ones!! I also can't wait to get home and get back on a good training and diet schedule. I am enjoying my time with the BFF so this is not a priority right now DUH.... But next week let operation Shayna grow some globo legzzzz resume!!!!  Biggie girl!!! GET IT!!! 

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