Sunday, July 14, 2013


        That's me recently for sure. Let's recap real quick... Beginning of June, super lean and ripped photo shoots and physique competition on the 8th.  My swole/soul mate that I spent hours with every single morning moved across the country right after comp.  It was ok though for a bit because I was busy shoveling food in my face and being on a lovely vacation with my hubs. Then at the end of June my kid had nationals for Olympic weightlifting, won, and we stayed a week to visit my BFF who was moved to Kansas by the army.  The distractions were abundant and I rarely trained. I lived it up on donuts and had a great time for a month but then  I came home and it all hit me like a ton of depressing bricks....

    Suddenly it was like a funeral.  All that stuff that kept my focus and drive was gone.  The rigorous training and diet was over. The goal was met and I got lost.  I didn't want to train, I certainly didn't want to eat right and I definitely didn't want to do it alone.  She was gone and reality hit suddenly and stabbed me right in the damn face.
 I even started thinking about my dad more then usual because the training also distracted me from his passing for months. Luckily I'm surrounded by some pretty cool folks who let me start tagging along and figuring stuff out.                                                                                                                                                                                                 My husband started getting up and hitting the Y with me at 6 am.  It got the ball rolling and after I hit the gym a few times I got my shit together.  Working out at Anderson Creek CF a few days with friends, on top of the program I'm doing with Greg is working out great.  Then I finally made it to see J at The Fit Factory and all my focus came rushing back and I even picked a song.  J is the best trainer and being back on schedule there is fantastic and encouraging.

         I think sometimes people think its always super easy for us gym rats all the time but that's not always the case.  I struggle too.  It's hard. It hurts. I get tired.  Life happens. Excuses, excuses,excuses....That's all I had for a week or so after getting home.  People fuck up, they get off track.  It's hard to get back on it and sometimes you just have to suck it up buttercup. I had to remind myself that fit makes me happy and I am going to have to move on.  I just have to show up and do it even when I don't really want too, and yes after a few times I get back in the grove and the good habits come right back.  Just keep in mind that even the ones we look toward for inspiration need some inspiring themselves once in a while. Thankfully watching my husband struggle through my work out routine was enough for me.  He's a dude and will surpass me in a New York minute but, you bet your hot ass, that my ass, will give him a run for his money for as long as I possibly can. 

    So I had a little slump for a week or so trying to find my way.  I just needed to regroup and get a goal.   It's all good now, ready to train for something, bulk up and grow some globo legzzzz and make some big globo GAINZZZZZ.  Bring on the Paleo baked goods, sweet potatoes and giant chickens and cows baby!! I have a real schedule now and it helps me commit and I'm now excited and focused again.  DON'T LET LITTLE SLIP UPS GET THE BEST OF YOU.   Get back on it, reach out for help if you have to, just GET AFTER IT! The longer you go without the harder it gets to get back with it. 

Mon: hatch sq program day 1, plus stiff legs and super heavy step ups.  2 hrs rest then to Anderson Creek CF for some shoulders and abs.  

Tues: 7 rds of 3 min rowing and 1 min sit ups @ ACCF

Wed: arms with J. 100 REP SETS BABY!! So good to be back!

Thursday: hatch sq day 2( it was awful I'm still way sore from MONDAY!!!) plus calf raises, leg ext, sumos
Then at ACCF I did a 15 min Amrap of rope climb, goblet sq, sit ups, overhead lunges 25# it was really fun. 

Fri: rest and doctors visits. I think my thyroid meds may need a little adjusting and could be causing some of my doo doo feelings and exhaustion.  We shall see when the results come back.

Saturday: Abs, 27 min of jump rope and Mt climbers, max out dead hang pull ups ( someone is way stronger then she thought!! YAY!!!)

Sunday:  Garage gym, back. 5 rds Ring, dumb bell and Pendlay rows.  Then 100 stone to shoulders @70#

My text came and my diet just officially changed to 400lb man status.  My poor husband LOL!  Next week ALLL ABOUT FOOD!!! I may even get a few recipes together.  My Paleo blueberry cobbler was on fucking point no doubt! No more cutting for this girl!! Not for a while anyway! SO. MUCH. FUN. FO SHO!!!!  WHO ELSE IS IN??? Haha!!!

Have a great week and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it! :)

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