Saturday, July 20, 2013

Feed The Beast!!

    Skipping meals is the worst thing you can do.  You need fuel and when you don't consistently give goodness to your body it will begin to store everything you shove in it.   Eat, eat, eat, every few hours.   Eat yummy, clean, good for you stuff. Not garbage.  You don't deserve to be treated so poorly, so don't treat your body like a dumpster behind a jerk joint bar and grill on Bragg Boulevard.   After competing and going off the junk food deep end for a few weeks I was glad to hang it up and stop feeling so gross and sluggish.  It's amazing how much what you put in effects what performance comes out.  I feel great and it's not a chore, it easily became habit again.   After feeling so badly it is welcomed.  It's been a few weeks and I'm over the hump. I feel great and it shows in my energy levels and performance in the gym.  I am hitting my squat program, plus my other regular training and even a few CrossFit wods a week with no problem.  It's all this awesome fuel for sure!  Here's some of what I ate this past week: 

      This off season " gain" ( or bulking or whatever douchy thing you wanna call it)  is so different from the dieting down.  I can hardly cram it all in but my energy is through the roof. The servings of meat and shakes is ridiculous.  I eat spinach as much as I can and throw it in to anything I can. I truly believe its not humanly possible to eat too much of that green goodness.
  After I work out I cram down a shit ton of steal cut oats or sweet potatoes covered in maple syrup and fruit until near explosion.  Especially on leg day.  I need to grow THAT ASS!!!!  It's starting to work.....  Squat heavy, often, and EAT, EAT, EAT!!!!

Here's a couple of my recipes that are easy and a family hit.

Enjoy this wonderful season of gorgeous colorful berries and melons!   I LOVE SUMMER!!! The less clothes and more colorful food the better NO DOUBT!!! Fuel your body with real food and have a great week!!!!! 

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  1. Thank you Shauna! My boyfriend and I were just discussing diet yesterday and this blog post plus the recipes is awesome!