Thursday, January 9, 2014

Prep Is Near.

       HOLY SHIT!  Monday is the day. I can't believe it.  It went so fast and that stupid 6 week gallbladder recovery made it go even faster.  I'm happy though.  My legs still aren't nearly big enough but man they have come far.  I worked so hard and I'm proud of my progress.  Every two days I was in near tears at the squat rack or hack until I couldn't go anymore.  I did good and I will be happy to see what lies underneath my fluffy off season layers over the next 12 weeks.

   That being said I'm eating everything in sight.  Total crap too.  I'm seriously considering eating at Mellow Mushroom every single meal until Sunday.  Also my last meal will be brown sugar chicken nachos for sure. Luckily last weekend I had a surprise visit to Seattle to see my swolemate 4 life bestie...Amber. It was great.

We ate everything at Pikes Place Market and then some.  We worked out a ton.  It was great because I haven't seen her since the day after our last comp in June.  When I got home and back to my gym alone it sucked.  I cried doing lunges because I missed her all over again.  It was such a blessing to get to see her though.  AND PULLING A GIANT TRUCK AT RAINER CF WAS THE SHIT!! Such a great box! One of the originals and a strongman mecca... No complete douchiness like practically everywhere else.  It was a great visit! 

    I'm anxious and excited.  Last time around I had no idea what to expect.  Ignorant bliss I guess. I had no idea I would be curled up in the fetal position with my hood on dreaming of food. Eating super tiny portions of cold rice and beef patties with my fingers driving down Bragg Blvd everyday.  THE NEVER ENDING COOKING AND TUPPERWARE!  Now I know and it freaks me out a little!! I know I will love it though!  It will be nice to see my abs again!! 

Now if my neck and arms will let my legs catch up by April I would appreciate it!! ;) yeah right!! 

I hope your New Years is going great ANNNNNNND Have a great week! :)

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