Sunday, February 16, 2014


      It creeps in no matter what. At this point I have to assume its part of growing and learning.  I mean if my husband hears me say one more time that I don't think I'm losing weight fast enough he's going to freak.  You have 8 weeks Shayna. You are bigger. You are better. You look great.  Most of the time I know that, but I think it's human no matter where you are in your journey to have some doubts sometimes.  I think it's how you handle those doubts that's key.  

     I figure if we all wait around till we are performing where we ideally want too it will all pass us by.  I mean getting there is most of the fun ( for me anyway).  So whether it be running faster, signing up for the open, lifting heavier, climbing higher, or just growing a bootylicious ass, don't wait to participate.  If I waited to go on stage till my legs were as big as I wanted, I would miss out on YEARS of fun!! So get after it, you are your biggest critic so push those thoughts away and have fun going after whatever you are chasing.  

   Know it's normal to doubt yourself sometimes. I have to constantly repeat to myself " trust the process, trust the process" to get through some days.  Have FAITH. When doubt creeps in I remember how hard I work, and how much I love what I do, and how I hate excuses, and that I'm not perfect but I'm better, and before you know it I'm flexin in the bathroom mirror again with confidence. 

The New Years resolution bullshit has worn off for the majority.  Don't be the majority. Get after it.  Beat the shit out of the girl you were yesterday and thrive on.   Have a great week ( or month, I've been slack on the blogging!) 😜  

8 weeks out!! LETS GO GET IT!! 

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