Saturday, July 26, 2014

Major Mental Shift

     So a few years ago when I returned home from The CrossFit Game Regionals, I swore I would get stronger and hit those heavy lifts that just broke me while I was there. My friend and I decided to complete Mike Burgeners 12 week Oly program.  We did, and by the time I was done I was able to do things like RX WODs with 95# snatches and clean and jerk over my body weight.  I could back squat 185 for 5 or 6 reps and my max was getting up over 200#. I couldn't believe it. I was so happy.  It was tough to complete that program 4 days a week, over 12 weeks, and I was super proud of myself for doing so.  It was HEAVY.  My body hurt and I felt a great accomplishment over those major personal records.  I felt confident and strong, mentally and physically.

      Fast forward to this summer.  After not CrossFitting again, but completing 2 more bodybuilding competitions, I knew I needed to lay off my upper body for a bit, and give my wheels a chance to catch up in order to reach my goals on stage in 2015.  

So I went online, and went with what I knew worked, only this time I wasn't concerned what my numbers were. I just wanted a bigger ass. Me and a few friends dove right in to another Burgener program and just recently completed the 12 weeks of the Hatch Squat.  2 days a week, every week, we back and front squatted. It was SUPER HEAVY and threw in some of our own hamstring work because I know we need it. I was also doing a single leg day on machines at the good old globo. By the time I was done my back squat was 275#.  I could bust out 250 for reps and my old tough reps from the first program at 185 felt more like warm up weight. I've been training legs hard for a couple seasons now but completing something regimented for 12 weeks is a big deal.  I could even front squat over 200# for reps as well, but most importantly I grew out of my lulu shorts by TWO sizes. Oh fuck yeah baby! 
       Eat and squat for the win. My squats got better as the weeks went by. It was tough and my hips are bugging me after all that, but the confidence I gained was unbelievable.  These ol "chicken legs" of mine throwing 250 or so on that bar and squatting it on the regular was something that really helped me, mostly mentally, as I've always been stronger in my upper body then lower. It's like a damn thorn in my side. That consistent big girl weight has helped me overcome my doubt on my leg progress. I still have more work to do but don't we always?  That's what keeps us alive and thriving anyways...growth. This twelve weeks is definitely something I am proud of. I've gotten stronger and my numbers went up even though I was doing it mainly for looks. The accomplishment feels wonderful all the way around. 

    Ok so my point.... goals may shift over time but completing something we've set out to do has the same outcome....CONFIDENCE and a great sense of pride. I urge you ladies to find something like this and complete it.  It doesn't have to be a program from, it could be anything. Completing something physically demanding, no matter what your fitness level, will change you from the inside out.  Make it challenging and geared toward conquering some weaknesses. You will surprise yourself and gain some major mental toughness and self respect in the process. Totally worth it.  

Moving on to overhead squats.  Now let's see how big my traps can get in this process. ;) OFF SEASON FUN!!! LETS GO! 


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