Thursday, April 3, 2014


   Thankful for the blisters, brush burns, mood swings.  Thankful for the sore muscles, tight hips, and extremely tired mind.  I'm even thankful for this bland food, boring endless cardio, Sweet Sweat and that hot ass sauna.  I'm at that point where we are in single digits. On the stairmill at 5 am tears well up in my eyes because I'm proud. It's fucking hard I hate those damn ankle weights, and I don't want to be there...but it doesn't matter.  I'm proud of myself for sticking to something so regimented and I can hardly believe it. It's an awesome feeling.  I REALLY CAN'T BELIEVE IT sometimes!!! :) It's so rewarding. Every woman should see every one of her abs at least once.  It's not all a vanity thing.  It's means a incredibly fulfilling  journey of discipline, drive, and determination.  And let's not forget that new profile pic. Duh. 

      That all being said I am really beyond thankful for my husband.  He is incredibly supportive of me  and this crazy shit takes a ton of resources which he doesn't complain about. I think he is proud of me and that means the most of anything. Luckily this time I was able to keep up with my other responsibilities way better too and manage my time with a bit more success. ( except this last week or so, it seems a bit iffy already). It was usually almost robotic and didn't effect my life nearly as much as the first rodeo. My kid also helps me so much around the house and is understanding and sweet. (however I did almost lose my shit when she walked in the house with a Mellow Mushroom box. That is my favorite. I kept it together though! Whew)  She is a little lifesaver most days. Im also beyond thankful for my friends. They work out with me on occasion and listen to me yap and bitch about whatever.  The girls at the gym keep me motivated. BOOTY WERK!! I'm thankful for a awesome trainer that is so positive.  Best workouts on earth no doubt.  It's all a great help and makes this process enjoyable. I didn't take myself seriously and I didn't stress or obsess over being perfect. I just trained like I love and tried to do everything else as good as I could. Ups, downs and everything in between I appreciate in some respect. No regrets.  Almost there, proud and thankful.  Very, very, VERY thankful for all of it.  I'm excited to see my progress from Junes show until now.  I think my backside actually grew a little. ;). WIN. 

Bring on the water restrictions.  Bring on a ton of carbs. I can almost smell the B.O and spray tan.  Let's go!!  Fun stuff!! Less then a week!!!  

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