Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm A Loser...

     Ok, I know I'm not a loser.... Far from it.  However, I'm human and my mind can play tricks on me and I feel like one sometimes.  Old habits have been creeping back in the last few weeks. It starts off slow and then BAM.....My blood type is suddenly chocolate hazelnut butter.  I've been getting lazy and have been slacking on food prep. It's time consuming and quite frankly I'm tired of the constant fucking cooking.  It happens. I had a little break. It's not a big deal. I just had to remember my goals, regroup, and prep like I know how for the upcoming week. Tomorrow is a new day. I need to start it off right. 

Even though I have been missing some meals, and not eating balanced ones when I do, I have still been an absolute rockstar in the kitchen.  I mean check out that deliciousness!!! Hot sausage topped mushrooms with paleo pizza sauce and sautéed eggplant. Pretty self explanatory. Throw your favorite sausage on your favorite mushrooms and bake through.  WIN!

I also absolutely destroyed these paleo sliders...

I cooked mini burgers and topped with my favorite toppings.  I baked the sweet potato rounds in the oven with some olive oil, s&p, and thyme.  We had cinnamon bacon acorn squash for a side. Another WIN! 

There's lots of yumminess on my Pinterest  check it out YO!! :)

Training wasn't so hot.  I did my squats but struggled.  My hips are hurting because it is heavy. I saw my savior Dr Lancaster at Cumberland Massage Therapy in Da 'Ville and she got this old girl straight.  I'm ready to get after it this week.  Plus IT'S BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!  My not so little one is going to middle school.  Crazy!!!

Cook some deliciousness, if you fall off track get back on and have a great week!!! 

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