Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Playing Catch Up

      We all do it. It's cool.  It's been a hot minute since I wrote a post which is unusual for me.  I'm usually pretty good about writing once a week.  It helps me stay focused and feel accountable. Im behind on a bunch of other stuff like housework and yard work too. I'm convinced I do everything but exercise and sexy time half ass at this point! HAHA!! However in my defense of not posting on here, I did write a blog for Breaking Muscle check it out if you haven't yet. ;)  it was pretty cool and I enjoyed doing it.

     So in the last few weeks I wrote for a bad ass site, came down with a mystery illness and had a unforgettable junk food, mother/ daughter beach trip, that was amazing.  Hopefully after a emergency room trip, a couple ct scans, tons of blood work and a crap load of other tests, they figure out what the hell had me laid up for days last week. It was crazy and I was miserable laying around and not working out. I'm hoping its just my gallbladder or something simple. Luckily they did catch that I needed more thyroid medicine during this debacle. So now I understand why I've been a napaholic recently. Apparently I wasn't just being a lazy "bulking" fatty.  I feel totally fine now and see the surgeon again on Friday and he'll hopefully have some answers this time. Wha wha wha.....

    The beach trip was amazing. My daughter and I really needed that.  I'm always on her about eating healthy so from Friday afternoon until Sunday night we did not put one healthy thing in our bodies. It was a BLAST!  Nothing but convertible rides, sun, sand, surf and girl time.  I'm also getting pretty good with my camera.  I really enjoy it and I'm attempting to learn my way around some editing.  I need to find a class or something.

So I'm back on it and on a good schedule again.  I'm even thinking about training people here and there. I mean I already email workouts and advice constantly, maybe I should expand it a little... We'll see....

Back on my regular recipes and training to post next week.  Let us always try to remember to have fun in life and never take our health for granted.  Without it we don't have much of anything at all.  Stay healthy, happy, and focused AND HAVE A GREAT WEEK!! 

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