Thursday, September 12, 2013

How Off Is Off Season?

      How off should off season be?  I mean I guess in a perfect world we would hit the gym beyond hard everyday and stick to an off season diet.  I don't though.  I mean come on. I want to have a good time! Hobbies are supposed to be enjoyable and i have to try my best to not constantly obsess or over compete. I had the perception that I was  going to stay all trim and cut after I was in prep mode but NO WAY!!! Being a off season fatty is fun and trying to grow big muscles is even more fun!  Honestly its not like I'm actually fat anyways and I feel great and you can still see a couple abs when i stand up!! I mean, I just made that paleo blackberry cobbler my bitch and then I'm gonna squat tomorrow at sets over that is what I'm talkin bout!!! 

      I can't wait to do another competition though.  I am not happy that getting this gallbladder out is putting a wrench in my plans. I didn't want my off season to be quite this long.  I also wanted to do a October oly comp with my kid :( Not  lifting makes me sad. My chicken legs will be back with a vengeance in no time... Ugh.  Hopefully 6 weeks goes by fast and it doesn't take me long to get back where I was.  :). 

"Bulking" ;). Hehehehehe.
 In other words not doing cardio and eating what ever the hell you want!! When I am in Italy next week they are going to have to roll me into a gondola and back on the plane!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!

So here's how I see it.  Trying to be perfect will burn you out. You aren't alway going to be in your best tip top shape. Anyone that pretends like they are is a douche and they probably sit around all day editing pics for Facebook trying to make their lives and selves look beyond perfect...Yawn. Or maybe they are a pro, which I am NOT as proof in the magically delicious mini Buddha belly i am growing. Haha!!

 Try your best, even though your best effort may fluctuate in a major way from time to time.  Be yourself and love it, no matter how off your off seasons may be! 

 Have a great week ( or two, or three, I've been slack)!! :)


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